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The Civil War Round Table of Nebraska Civil War Song of the Month

To play the Civil War Song of the Month, pass your mouse over this link:  Song

(Web editor's note:  This works great on a local hard drive, but now that it is loaded on the web site, it needs a few minutes to download.  Your screen (at the bottom, just above the "Start" button) will say "Downloading data http://civilwarneb.net/Song.wav . . ." while it is downloading.  You will have to be patient if you want to hear the song.  Sorry!  Your editor will investigate ways to speed this up.)


The song for this month is I Can Whip The Scoundrel, performed by Wayne Erbsen.  The follwoing link will take you to the Native Ground Music web site, where you can learn more about this wonderful musician and purchase the CD containing this song (cover of CD below) or other of his music (when you are finished there, be sure to hit the "back" arrow to return here!)


Native Ground Music - Books and Music of the Civil War


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