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Civil War Washington

Civil War Washington Blog

Missouri Civil War Sesquicentennial

Smithsonian Civil War Site

Civil War Trust

Original Photos from the Civil War

PBS Page of Civil War links

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If you are a regular visitor to this site, note that four links have just been added.  The top link above is to a terrific site resulting from the work of a project of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Departments of English and History which began with studies of Walt Whitman and Abraham Lincoln, later evolving into a study of Washington, D.C. during the Civil War.  More recently, much information relating to the practice of medicine during the Civil War in Washington, D.C., and the government's process of paying D.C. slave owners to free their slaves has been added.  This is an ongoing project so come back and visit often as additional materials are added to the Civil War Washington site.  The second link is to the blog for the Civil War Washington project.

Many states had Civil War Sesquicentennial committees, and many of those committees had websites devoted to the 150th anniversary of the War.  The Missouri site is still active and is listed above.