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Civil War Roundtable of Nebraska
Meetings and Area Events



Wilder Tower
Erected near the site of
Rosecrans's headquarters
just before the break-
through of Longstreet
at Chickamauga

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  This Month’s Meeting:

Annual Meeting and



The Day the Battle of Gettysburg Came to Nebraska:

April 27,1886

Presented by founding member Dave Wells.


October 24, 2018

7:15 p.m.

Legacy Estates Theater, 7200 Van Dorn

(use the lower parking on the west side;

Board meeting at 6:30 – all are invited to attend

and contribute suggestions and ideas)



Upcoming Meetings

(Get all these on your calendar!)


November 28, 2018

(In November, the Round Table usually meets the third Wednesday because the fourth Wednesday is usually the night before Thanksgiving; but this year, Thanksgiving is the day after the third Wednesday, so we will meet, as the rest of the year, on the fourth Wednesday in November)

Program:  To be announced


No meeting in December


January 23, 2019

Program:  To be announced


February 27, 2019

Program:  To be announced


March 27, 2019

Program:  To be announced


April 24, 2019

Program:  To be announced


May 22, 2019

Program:  To be announced




Note that meeting dates and places could change as special events may be scheduled (e.g., we probably would not stage a ‘cannon shoot’ on a Wednesday evening at Legacy Estates).


Events in the Area

 Be sure to visit the site of the Sons of Union Veterans for their events:


Sons of Union Veterans